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Accessing photos

From the “Multimedia” menu, press “Pictures” then select the connected source (Card SD, USB, etc.) to access the photos. The system offers you two options:

- “read all photos”;

- “Read a photo”.

Note: Some formats may not be readable by the system.

Options from folders

From the list of folders/photos, press “+” to:

- change the source;

- access photo settings.

Note: For more information on compatible photo formats, please consult an Authorised Dealer.


You can choose between reading all the photos in a slideshow or viewing a single photo.

When viewing a photo, you can:

- access the previous photo by pressing 1;

- access the next photo by pressing 2;

- alternate between miniature and fullscreen modes by pressing 3;

- make a new photo selection by pressing 4.

Pop-up menu “+”.

When viewing a photo/slideshow, press “+” to:

- change the source;

- access photo settings.

Photo settings

From the pop-up menu, use the “Picture settings” to:

- change the display time for each photo in the slideshow;

- change the type of display (normal or fullscreen).

Press “Done” to save your changes.

Note: the display is in normal mode by default.

Photo playback is only possible when the vehicle is stationary.