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The “Z.E. Services” functions are only available on electric vehicles.

They include on-board vehicle services and other services accessible from outside the vehicle (mobile phone and Internet).

They enable you to determine, inter alia, the charge status of your vehicle, using mobile phones or your computer. This information is also available directly on the instrument panel of your vehicle.

For further information, please contact an Authorised Dealer of brand.

Accessing “Z.E. Services” functions.

To access “Z.E. Services” functions:

- from the main menu, press “Navigation”;

- select “Navigation services”;

- select “Z.E. Services”.

“Recharging stations available”

This option gives you access to a list of the recharging stations nearest your location with at least one recharging terminal available.

“E.V. Services guided tour”

This menu gives access to a series of tutorials explaining the “Z.E. Services” functions and functions relating to electric vehicles. You can press the “Next” button to move to the next screen, or the “Previous” button to return to the previous screen.