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“Multimedia” menu

From the main menu, press “Multimedia”, “Photo”, then select an input source connected to the system from the following list to access the photos:

- “USB-1" (USB port);

- “USB-2" (USB port);

- “SD" (SD card).

Note: Some formats may not be readable by the system.

Note: The USB flash drive (or SD card) used must be FAT32 formatted and have a minimum capacity of 8GB and a maximum capacity of 32GB.

Note: the input sources described above may vary.

Photo playback is only possible when the vehicle is stationary.



You can choose between reading all the photos in a slideshow or viewing a single photo.

When viewing a photo, you can:

- access the previous and next photo by flicking image view area;

- hide/show the status and control bar by pressing the image preview area;

- rotate a photo by pressing 1;

- play a slideshow by pressing 2;

- switch from normal (adjusted) mode to full screen mode by pressing 3.

Pop-up menu 5

From the photo display screen, press 5 to:

- get detailed information of photos (title, file type, date, path, etc.);

- set the photo as a user profile;

- Accessing settings


From the settings, you can:

- change the display time for each photo in the slideshow;

- active/deactivate animation effect between each photo in the slideshow.

Once the settings have been made, press 4 to save your changes and return to the previous screen.

Note: The slideshow animation effect is activated by default.

Note: For more information on compatible photo formats, please consult an authorised dealer.

How to look at your photos or watch your videos from an SD card?