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These systems operate with the ignition on or off, until one of the front doors is opened (limited to about 3 minutes).

Closing windows can cause serious injury.

Driver’s responsibility

Never leave your vehicle with the key or remote control in it, leaving a child, adult who is not self-sufficient or a pet inside, even for a short while. They may pose a risk to themselves or to others by starting the engine or activating equipment (such as the gear lever or electric windows). If any part of the body becomes trapped, reverse the direction of the window immediately by pressing the relevant switch.

Risk of serious injury.

Press the window switch down or lift it up to lower or raise the window to the desired height.

From the driver’s seat, use switch:

1 for the driver’s side;

2 for the front passenger side.

From the front passenger seat, move the switch 3.

One-touch mode

Depending on the vehicle, this mode works in addition to the operation of the electric windows described previously. It can be fitted to the driver’s window. Briefly press or pull the switch 1 as far as it will go: the window will wind down or up fully. Pressing the switch again stops the window moving.

Note: if the driver’s window detects resistance when closing (e.g. tree branch, etc.), it stops and then lowers again by a few centimetres.

Avoid resting any objects against a half-open window: there is a risk that the electric window could be damaged.

Manual window winders

Move the handle 4 to lower or raise the window to the desired height.

Rear windows

To half-open the window, turn handle 5 (movement A) then lock it by pushing the handle to the right.

Make sure it is properly latched into position when it is closed.

Operating faults

Electric windows

In case of a fault when closing a window, the system reverts to normal mode: pull the switch concerned up as often as necessary to fully close the window (the window will close gradually), hold the switch (still on the closure side) for three seconds then lower and raise the window fully to reinitialise the system.

If necessary, contact an approved Dealer.

When closing the windows, ensure that no part of the body (arm, hand, etc.) is protruding from the vehicle.

Risk of serious injury.