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On vehicles fitted with this function, control A allows you to adjust the height of the beams according to the load.

Turn control A downwards to lower the headlights and upwards to raise them.

Examples of positions for adjusting control A according to the load


Driver alone or with front passenger


All seats occupied


All seats occupied and the boot laden


Driver only with the boot laden

The table below gives some examples. In all cases, adjust control A according to the vehicle load so that the road can be seen and other drivers are not dazzled.

When driving on the left in a left-hand drive vehicle (or vice versa), you must adjust your lights temporarily for the duration of your trip.

Temporary adjustment

Open the bonnet (please refer to the information on the “Bonnet” in Section  4) and slide it sideways to access the screw 1 and marking B.

Note: Take care not to scratch the vehicle paintwork.

For each headlight, using a screwdriver, turn the screw 1 by a quarter turn towards the - symbol to lower the beams.

Return to the starting point once your trip is over: turn the screw 1 by a quarter turn towards the + symbol to raise the beams.

Once the adjustment has been done, make sure the bonnet is repositioned and closed properly.

For your safety, do not remove the bonnet holding straps. Risk of the bonnet falling on the road surface.