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REAR AND SIDE LIGHTS: changing bulbs

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Side lights/brake and direction indicator lights

- From the boot, open the cover 1;

- unscrew 2;

- from outside, pull the light unit towards you, pulling from the side A;

- remove the bulb holder by releasing the four clips 3;

- change the bulb;

- refit the bulb holder and push the light unit as far as it will go, until it locks into place;

- check that the light is properly locked in position;

- tighten the screw 2 and close the cover 1.

The bulbs are under pressure and can break when replaced.

Risk of injury.

4 Side light and brake light

Bulb type: P21/5W.

5 Direction indicator lights

Bulb type: PY21W.

6 Reversing light

Bulb type: P21W.

7 Fog light

Bulb type: P21W.

Note: Depending on the vehicle, the reversing and fog lights are inverted.

High-level brake light 8

Consult an approved dealer.

Number plate lights

- Unclip light 9 by pressing tab 10;

- remove the light cover to gain access to the bulb.

Bulb type: W5W.

Side indicator lights

Unclip the indicator light 11 using a flatblade screwdriver or similar.

Turn the bulb holder a quarter of a turn and take out the bulb.

Bulb type: W5W.

Replace the bulb and refit the indicator light.