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To fold down the seatback:

- Ensure that the front seats are far enough forward;

- Lower the headrest as far as it will go;

- Place the seat belts in their guides A;

- Pull the tab 1 upwards and lower the seatback B.

To raise the seatback again, proceed in the reverse order. Ensure that it is properly secured in place.

Refit the seatback and click it back into place.

Increasing the luggage compartment volume (depending on the vehicle).

The seatback can be positioned upright in order to increase the luggage compartment volume:

- pull the tab 1 and lower the seatback B;

- Lift the lever 2;

- lift the seatback B and click it onto the rod 2, ensuring that it is properly locked in place.

To return to the initial position:

- pull the tab 1 and lower the seatback B;

- lower the rod 2 as far as it will go;

- raise the seatback B and make sure it properly locks in place.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is not being driven.

When moving the rear seats, ensure that nothing obstructs the anchorage points (passenger’s arm or leg, a pet, gravel, cloth, toys, etc.).

When refitting the seatback, make sure it is correctly locked in place.

If seat covers are fitted, make sure these do not prevent the seatback latch from locking in.

Make sure that the seat belts are positioned correctly.

Reposition the headrests.

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