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Selecting the operating mode

Air conditioning in operation, on the display A, select “Menu”, “Vehicle”, “Care” then “Ioniser ”.

Select one of the two modes or stop diffusion:

- CLEAN : helps to reduce bacteria and allergenic particles present in the air;

- RELAX: provides a clean and relaxing driving environment by emitting ions;

- Stop (stop diffusion).

Activating the ioniser in CLEAN mode at each engine start-up

To activate CLEAN mode at each engine start-up, check the line “Start ioniser at each vehicle start” and confirm.


- if the fan control is set to position 0 (stop), activating the ioniser at each engine start-up will automatically operate the fan for at least around 10 seconds.

- if the air distribution setting does not feed air to the central air vents, the ioniser is not activated.

Do not close the vents while the ioniser is activated. This enables a uniform distribution of ions.