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Y Rear screen wiper

With the ignition on, turn ring A on stalk 1 to align the symbol with mark 2 then release it.

To stop the operation, pivot ring A again.

Wiping frequency varies with vehicle speed.

p Rear screen washer/wiper

With the ignition on, push the stalk.

Do not use the wiper arm to open or close the tailgate.

Efficiency of a wiper blade

Check the condition of the wiper blades. How long they last depends on you:

- it must remain clean: clean the blade and the screen regularly with soapy water;

- do not use it when the screen is dry;

- free it from the screen when it has not been used for a long time.

Replace wiper blades as soon as their performance starts to diminish: Approximately every year (refer to the information on “Wiper blades” in section 5).

Precautions for using the wipers

- In freezing or snowy weather, clear the screen before starting the wipers (risk of motor overheating);

- ensure that no objects are obstructing the travel of the blade.