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Depending on the vehicle equipment, this function allows you to activate/deactivate and adjust some of the vehicle’s functions.

Vehicles fitted with a multimedia screen 1

Accessing the settings menu

Refer to the multimedia instructions for information on accessing the various settings.

Adjusting the settings

Select a menu then the function to be modified (the display depends on the vehicle equipment and country):

a) “Driving”:

- Indicator volume;

- Free-wheel;


b) “Access”:

- Unlocking the driver’s door;

- Lock doors during driving;

- Opening/closing in hands-free mode;

- Remote locking/Approach unlocking;

- Distance locking sound;

- Silent mode;

- Automatic locking;

c) “Wiping and lighting”:

- Follow-me-home lighting;

- Wiping in reverse;

- Automatic front wiping;

- Wiping after washing;

d) “Welcome”:

- External welcome;

- Automatic fold-out of mirrors;

- Interior welcome;

- Courtesy light auto mode.

Depending on the function, select:

- “ON” or “OFF” to activate or deactivate,


- a duration to adjust the time the lights are switched on (e.g. for the “Follow-me-home lighting” function).

Please refer to the multimedia instructions for further information.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is not being driven.

Vehicles not fitted with a multimedia screen

Accessing the settings menu on display 2

With the vehicle stationary, press switch 3 as many times as required to reach the “Vehicle” tab. Press repeatedly on the 4 or 5 switch to access the “Settings” menu, then confirm by pressing 6 “OK”.

Adjusting the settings

Navigate using the 4 or 5 control to select the function to be modified and press 6 “OK” to confirm (display may vary according to vehicle equipment and country):


- Language;

- Unit;

- Style;

- Colour.


- Rear windscreen wiping in reverse gear;

- Automatic windscreen wiping;

- Front/rear drip wiping function;

- Exterior welcome.


- Beep volume.


- Lane departure warning sound volume;

- Lane departure warning sensitivity;

- Lane departure warning vibration;

- Lane keeping assist sensitivity;

- Blind spot warning;

- Active braking;

- Overspeed warning;

- Distance warning.


- Courtesy light auto mode;

- Automatic follow-me-home lighting;

- Follow-me-home lighting: XX seconds.

f) “ACCESS”:

- Lock doors during driving;

- Opening/closing in hands-free mode;

- Unlocking the driver’s door;

- Automatic re-locking;

- Silent locking;

- Automatic opening/closing;

- Automatic deployment of door mirrors.

g) “RESET”.

= function activated

< function deactivated

Once a line has been selected, press 6 “OK" to adjust the function.

If you select either “PARKING ASSIST” then “VOLUME”, or “DASHBOARD” then “LANGUAGE”, you will have to make a further selection (sound volume of the parking distance control or instrument panel language). In this case, make your selection and confirm it by pressing 6 “OK”, the selected value is shown by a = in front of the line.

To exit the menu, press 4 or 5 to access “BACK” and confirm by pressing 6 “OK”. It may be necessary to carry out this operation more than once.

The vehicle settings personalisation menu cannot be used when driving. At a speed exceeding 12 mph (20 km/h), the instrument panel display switches automatically back to trip computer and warning system mode.