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The information shown on the vehicle identification plate should be quoted on all correspondence or orders.

The presence and location of the information depends on the vehicle.

Vehicle identification plate A

1 Manufacturer name.

2 EC design number or approval number.

3 Identification number.

Depending on the vehicle, this information is also given on marking B.

4 MMAC (Maximum permissible all-up weight).

5 MTR (Gross train weight: vehicle fully loaded, with trailer).

6 MMTA (Maximum Permissible Weight) front axle.

7 MMTA rear axle.

8 Reserved for related or additional entries.

9 Diesel exhaust emissions.

Depending on the vehicle, this information is not indicated on the manufacturer’s plate but on the engine smoke opacity label SPECIAL FEATURE OF DIESEL VERSIONS, PARTICLE FILTER.

10 Paint reference (colour code).