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The following operating conditions:

- driving for long periods when the low fuel level warning light is lit;

- using leaded petrol;

- using fuel or lubrication additives which are not approved.

Or operating faults such as:

- faulty ignition system, running out of fuel or disconnected spark plugs resulting in the engine misfiring or cutting out when driving;

- loss of power,

as they may cause the catalytic converter to overheat and thus reduce its efficiency, or damage it irreparably and cause heat damage to the vehicle.

If you notice any of the above operating faults, have the necessary repairs carried out as soon as possible by an approved Dealer.

These faults may be avoided by regularly taking your vehicle to your approved dealer at the intervals specified in the maintenance document.

Starting problems

To avoid damaging the catalytic converter or the starter, and to prevent premature wearing of the battery, do not keep trying to start the engine (using the start button, or by pushing or towing the vehicle) without having identified and corrected the starting fault.

If the fault cannot be identified, do not continue to try and start the engine, but contact an approved dealer.

Do not park the vehicle or run the engine in locations where combustible substances or materials such as grass or leaves can come into contact with the hot exhaust system.

Particle filter

The particle filter is used in the treatment of exhaust gases from petrol engines.

Depending on the vehicle, the warning light displayed on the instrument panel indicates that the filter is becoming clogged and requires cleaning. To clean it, when the warning light appears, and as traffic conditions and speed limits allow, drive at between about 31 mph (50 km/h) and 68 mph (110 km/h) until the light goes out.

After between approximately 5 and 20 minutes, the warning light should go out.

Note: The indicator light may go out after 20 minutes when the driving conditions needed to clean the filter are not completely met.

If the vehicle is stopped before the warning light disappears you will have to restart the process from the beginning.

If the filter becomes saturated, the © warning light and, depending on the vehicle, the warning light will appear on the instrument panel, accompanied by the message “Check Vehicle”. In this case, please consult an Authorised Dealer.

If the ® warning light and, depending on the vehicle, the warning light appears, accompanied by the “Engine failure hazard” message, stop the vehicle, switch off the engine and contact an Approved Dealer.

Warning light ® requires you to stop immediately, for your own safety, as soon as traffic conditions allow. Switch off the engine and do not restart it. Contact an approved Dealer.