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Diesel engine speed

Diesel engines are fitted with an injection pump which prevents the engine speed being exceeded irrespective of the gear selected.

If the message “Check antipollution system” is displayed along with warning lights Ä and ©, consult an authorised dealer immediately.

When driving, depending on the fuel grade used, it is possible that white smoke may be emitted.

This is due to the exhaust particle filter being cleaned automatically, and does not affect the way the vehicle runs.

Running out of fuel

After the tank has been filled following a complete draining of fuel, the fuel system must be reprimed FUEL TANK before restarting the engine.

Engine smoke opacity label

You can find the information 1 on the label A stuck in the engine compartment or, depending on the vehicle, on the vehicle identification plate VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION PLATES.

1 Diesel exhaust emissions.

Precautions to be taken in winter

To avoid any faults in icy weather:

- ensure that the battery is always fully charged,

- always keep the diesel tank relatively full to avoid water vapour condensing in it and accumulating at the bottom of the tank.

Do not park the vehicle or run the engine in locations where combustible substances or materials such as grass or leaves can come into contact with the hot exhaust system.

Particle filter

The particle filter is used in the treatment of exhaust gases from diesel engines.

Depending on the vehicle, the warning light displayed on the instrument panel indicates that the filter is becoming clogged and requires cleaning.

To do this, when the warning light is displayed, continue driving according to traffic conditions and observe the speed limit until the warning lights disappears. If possible, do not let the engine speed drop below 2000 rpm.

The warning light should go out after 10 to 20 minutes. DISPLAYS AND INDICATORS.

The display of the on the instrument panel may be accompanied by an increase in engine speed and operation of the cooling system in order to clean the particle filter.

Note: the warning light may reappear if the driving conditions are not fully met with regard to cleaning the filter. If the vehicle is stopped or if the engine speed drops below 2,000 rpm before the warning light goes out, the operation may need to be repeated.

If the filter becomes saturated, the © warning light and, depending on the vehicle, the warning light will appear on the instrument panel, accompanied by the message “Check injection”. In this case, please consult an Authorised Dealer.

If the ® warning light and, depending on the vehicle, the warning light appears, accompanied by the “WARNING: Engine Failure Risk” message, stop the vehicle, switch off the engine and contact an Approved Dealer.

To facilitate the particle filter regeneration, carry out a long driving phase (at least 20 minutes) on main roads every 124 miles (200 km).

The ® warning light requires you to stop immediately, for your own safety, as soon as traffic conditions allow. Switch off the engine and do not restart it. Call an approved Dealer.