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Operating principle

After the vehicle is started, the system automatically locks the doors when you are driving at approximately 6 mph (10 km/h) and over.

The door can be unlocked:

- by pressing the central door unlocking switch 1;

- at a standstill, by opening a front door from inside the vehicle.

NB: if a door is opened or closed, it will automatically lock again when the vehicle reaches a speed of 6 mph (10 km/h).

Activating/deactivating the function

To activate: with the vehicle stationary and the engine running, press the 1 switch until a beep sounds.

To deactivate: with the vehicle stationary and the engine running, press the switch 1 until you hear two beeps.

The function can also be activated and deactivated via the multimedia screen (depending on the vehicle). VEHICLE SETTINGS CUSTOMISATION MENU.

Operating faults

If you experience an operating fault (no central locking, the indicator light 1 does not light up when trying to lock the doors and luggage compartment etc.), make sure that central locking has not been deactivated by mistake and check that the doors and luggage compartment are properly closed. If they are properly closed, contact an approved dealer.

Driver’s responsibility

If you decide to keep the doors locked when you are driving, remember that it may be more difficult for those assisting you to gain access to the passenger compartment in the event of an emergency.