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To remove the flexible section of the luggage cover

On equipped vehicles, it can be installed in two positions:

- behind the second row seats (position A). In this case, the third row seats must either be in the table position, in the folded position or removed from the vehicle.

- behind the third row seats (position B).

Ensure that each strap 1 is securely fixed in its tab 2.

Pull the handle 3 gently to release the pins 4 from their anchoring points 6 located on each side of the luggage compartment, then roll up the luggage cover 5.

Guide the luggage cover onto the roller 5.

To roll out the flexible section of the luggage cover, proceed in the reverse order.

It is prohibited to fit the luggage cover behind the second row seats if there are passengers on the third row seats.

Removing the luggage cover

Using the 3 handle, pivot the flexible section of the luggage cover 5 upwards (movement C) to access the 7 stops at the ends.

Push the right-hand stop 7 to the left (movement D) and lift the right-hand side (movement E) to remove the inertia reel from its housing.

Refitting the luggage compartment cover

Engage the left-hand side of the luggage cover 5, push the right-hand stop 7 towards the left and then lower the right-hand side of the inertia reel into its housing.

Do not place any heavy or solid objects on the luggage cover. These may pose a risk to the vehicle occupants if the driver has to brake suddenly or if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Luggage compartment cover storage

You can store the luggage cover 5 directly on the floor.

Position the luggage cover roller 5 in the housing points 8.

No person or animal should be on the third row rear seats if the luggage compartment cover is not removed.