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Modular roof bars

Before transporting a load on the modular roof bars, they must be set to their operating position:

- unclip the levers 1 (movement A);

- raise the bars sufficiently to allow them to be pivoted (figure B);

- lock the bars in the transverse position by clipping the levers 1 (figure C);

- check that they are correctly locked.

When handling, ensure that the bars do not touch the vehicle roof as they may scratch the roof.

It is strictly forbidden to place the modular roof bars in the transverse position (carrying position) when entering a roller-type car wash.

Make sure that the two roof bars are correctly positioned and locked.

Maximum weight on each roof bar: 40 kg evenly distributed (80 kg over two roof bars).

To slide the bar

Roof bar 2 can be slid to move it closer to or further from the other bar (figure D).

There are two positions: centre or rear.

With the bar unlocked, pull it towards the front or the rear of the vehicle to slide it in rail 3.

Once you have chosen the position, pivot the bar and lock it in the transverse position (figure E).

Check that both bars are correctly locked in position.

When not using the bars in transverse position, refit the bars in longitudinal position in order to optimise fuel consumption and avoid air noise.

Check that the objects and/or accessories (bike rack, roof box, etc.) fitted to the roof bars are correctly positioned, evenly distributed and secured.

Longitudinal roof bars

If fitted on the vehicle, you can transport luggage or additional equipment (bike racks, ski racks, etc):

- on a roof rack;

- on transverse roof bars which must in turn be attached to roof bars fitted lengthways 4;

- directly onto the longitudinal roof bars.

For information on the range of equipment adapted to your vehicle, we advise you to consult an approved Dealer. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for information on how to fit and operate the equipment.

Please keep these instructions with the rest of the vehicle documentation.

Maximum weight on each roof bar: 40 kg evenly distributed (80 kg over two roof bars).

It is forbidden to attach any carrying device on the roof for vehicles not originally fitted with longitudinal or modular roof bars.