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Using the sensor 1, this function notifies the driver about the time interval separating them from the vehicle in front, so they can respect a safe distance between the two vehicles.

Note: make sure that the sensor 1 is not obscured (by dirt, mud, snow, etc.).

The function is activated when the vehicle speed is between about 20 and 125 mph (30 and 200 km/h).

When the engine is started, the function maintains the same status that was active when the engine was last stopped.

Activating/deactivating the function

From the multimedia screen 2, select the “Vehicle” menu, “Driving assistance”, “Distance warning” then choose “ON" or "OFF".

You can access menu “Driving assistance” directly from button 3 .

This function is an additional driving aid. However, this function is not under any circumstances intended to replace the due care and attention of the driver, who should at all times be in control of the vehicle.


Upon activating the function, indicator 4 notifies the driver of the distance separating them from the vehicle in front.

- A (grey): function not operational;

- A (green): no vehicle detected;

- B (green): the time interval is greater than or equal to around two seconds (distance between the two vehicles adapted to your speed);

- C (orange): the time interval falls between around 1 and 2 seconds (insufficient distance between the two vehicles);

- D (red): the time interval is less than or equal to around one second (very insufficient distance between the two vehicles).

If the interval between the two vehicles is less than around 0.5 seconds, warning light 4 will flash on the instrument panel. Under certain conditions, the time interval may not be displayed:

- while cornering;

- when changing lane;

- if the vehicle in front is sufficiently far or outside the range of the sensor.

On equipped vehicles, some information is given on the head-up display.

This function is essential if adaptive cruise control is activated.

The measurement is displayed for information only: the system performs no action on the vehicle.

This function is not designed for use in urban conditions or for a dynamic driving style (sudden cornering, acceleration, braking, etc.), but rather for stable driving conditions.

The function does not interact with the braking system.

The sensor area should be kept clean and free of any modifications in order to ensure the proper operation of the system.

Any work in the area where the radar is located (repairs, replacements, touching up of paintwork) must be carried out by a qualified professional.

Safety distance warning