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“Android Auto™” is an application that can be downloaded from your smartphone which enables you to use some applications on your phone from your multimedia system screen.

Note: to find out if your smartphone is compatible with the “Android Auto™” application, refer to the manufacturer's website if there is one.

The functions of the “Android Auto™” application depend on the make and model of your telephone. For further information, please refer to the manufacturer's website if there is one.

First use

- Download and install the “Android Auto™” application from the application download platform on your smartphone;

- connect your telephone to your multimedia system’s USB port;

- a window is displayed on your multimedia system screen;

- Accept the request by pressing the “Yes” button;

- press the 1 button on your vehicle’s multimedia system screen;

- a window is displayed on your multimedia system screen informing you that you need to accept the confidentiality clauses of the application on your smartphone in order to use the “Android Auto™” application;

- confirm by pressing “Accept” on your phone;

- press the 1 button on your vehicle’s multimedia system screen once more.

The application is launched on the multimedia system.

If the procedure described above fails, repeat the operation.

Note: the “Android Auto™” application will only operate if your smartphone is connected to your vehicle's USB port.

Once the “Android Auto™” application is activated on your multimedia system, you can use the voice recognition button in your vehicle to control some functions of your smartphone by voice. To do this, press and hold (for approximately three seconds) button 2 on the steering wheel or 3 on the steering column control for your vehicle (for more information, refer to the section on “Using voice recognition”).

Note: when you use “Android Auto™”, you can access navigation and music applications on your smartphone. These applications will replace similar applications integrated in R-Link which are already launched. For example, only one navigation application, Android Auto™, or the application integrated into your multimedia system can be used.

Note: when you are using the “Android Auto™” application, certain functions of your multimedia system will continue to be carried out in the background. For example if you start “Android Auto™” and use the navigation on your smartphone while the radio on the multimedia system is currently playing, the radio will continue to be broadcast.

Returning to the R-Link interface

To return to the R-Link interface, press the button to return to the multimedia system welcome screen (for more information, consult the “Introduction to the controls” section).

When you use the “Android Auto™” application, the transfer of cellular data required for it to operate may lead to additional costs not included in your phone plan.

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