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The multimedia screen does not light up.

The interior temperature is lower than -20°C.

Switch on the ventilation so that a temperature above -20°C is reached.

No image is displayed.

The screen is on standby.

Ensure that the screen is not on standby.

No sound can be heard.

The volume is set to minimum or pause.

Increase the volume or deactivate pause.

No sound comes from the left, right, front or rear speakers.

The balance or fader settings are incorrect.

Adjust the sound balance or fader correctly.

No map is displayed.

The SD card is missing or damaged.

Check the SD card is present.





No sounds or ringtone can be heard.

The mobile phone is not connected to the system.

The volume is set to minimum or pause.

Ensure that the mobile phone is connected to the system. Increase the volume or deactivate pause.

Impossible to make a call.

The mobile phone is not connected to the system.

Ensure that the mobile phone is connected to the system. Unlock the phone keypad.





The vehicle position on the screen does not match its actual location or the GPS warning light on the screen remains grey or yellow.

Incorrect positioning of the vehicle caused by GPS reception.

Move the vehicle until reception of the GPS signal is improved.

The directions on the screen do not correspond to the actual road.

The SD card is out of date.

The map is not up to date.

Download updates from

Traffic flow information is not displayed on the screen.

Guidance has not been activated.

The subscription is not active.

Ensure guidance is activated. Select a destination and begin the guidance.

Certain items on the menu are not available.

Depending on the current command, some items will be unavailable.

Voice guidance is unavailable.

The navigation system does not include the intersection.

Voice guidance or guidance is deactivated.

Increase the volume. Ensure voice guidance is activated. Ensure guidance is activated.

The directions of the voice guidance do not correspond to your exact location.

The voice guidance may vary according to the environment.

Drive according to the actual conditions.

The suggested route does not start or end at the required destination.

The destination is not yet recognised by the system.

Enter a road near to the required destination.

The system calculates a detour automatically.

Prioritising avoid area settings or traffic restrictions will affect the calculation of the route.

Deactivate the “avoid area settings” function.

Voice recognition




The system does not recognise the voice command stated.

The voice command has not been recognised.

The voice recognition time delay has expired.

The voice recognition cannot operate properly due to a noisy environment.

The user spoke after the beep.

Check that the spoken voice command exists (refer to the “Using voice commands” section). Speak within the voice recognition time delay.

Speak in a quiet environment.