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Accessing the Telephone menu

From the main menu, press “Phone”.

Note: if no telephones are paired to the system, “Settings” will be the only section you can access.

Pairing the first telephone

To pair your phone with the R-Link navigation, there are two pairing methods.

First method of pairing from R-LINK

Activate the Bluetooth® connection on your telephone and set its status to “visible”.

For a list of compatible telephones, consult the site.

A screen message offers a device search.

Press “Yes”, the multimedia system will search for telephones.

Select your telephone from the list. Depending on the model, and if the system so requests, enter the Bluetooth® code on your telephone to pair it to the multimedia system, or confirm the pairing request. Your telephone can ask you for authorisation to share contacts and call logs. Accept the sharing to get this information on the multimedia system.

Second method of pairing from a phone

Activate the R-LINK connection on your phone and set its status to “visible”.

Run the Bluetooth® device search on your phone.

Select “Renault R-Link” on your phone list.

Pairing another telephone

From your telephone, activate the Bluetooth® connection.

From the “Telephone” menu, press “Settings”, then “Manage devices”.

From the list of paired phones in the “Manage devices” menu, press the “Add device” button to add a phone to the list.

Unpairing a phone

From the main menu, select “Telephone”, “Settings”, then “Manage devices”.

From the list of paired telephones in the “Manage devices” menu, press the button on the pop-up menu, then “Delete device(s)”. Select the device you want to unpair on the multimedia system screen, then press “Delete”.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.