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Accessing the services settings

From the main menu, press “Services”.

The “Settings” menu enables you to adjust the following elements:

- “Applications manager”;

- “Navigation services”;

- “Update applications”;

- “Data sharing settings”.

“Applications manager”

The applications manager enables you to delete application data, uninstall applications and view the following information:

- “About”;

- “System usage”;

- “Confidentiality”.

Delete application data

Select the application from which you wish to delete data, select the first tab, press “+” then “Delete application data”.

Deleting an application

Select the application you want to delete, select the first tab, press “+” then “Delete application”.

Note: the original multimedia system applications cannot be removed.

You can only delete the user data. Select “+”, then “Clear user data”.

“Navigation services”

For further information, please refer to the section on “Navigation services”.

“Update applications”

This menu lets you search for installed application updates, but requires a valid subscription.

“Data sharing settings”

This menu enables you to activate or deactivate data sharing.

Note: in the event of deactivating data sharing, certain applications may not operate correctly.