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Y Speed-dependent timed rear screen wiper

With the ignition on, turn the end of the stalk 1 to align the mark 2 with the symbol.

Wiping frequency varies with speed.

p Rear windscreen wash/wiper

With ignition on, turn the end of the stalk 1 to bring the mark 2 in line with the symbol. When the stalk is released, it returns to the rear wipe position.

A short pull triggers the rear windscreen wipers.

A prolonged action triggers, in addition to the rear windscreen wipers, a continuous sweep until the stalk is released, then two return wipes followed by a third, after a few seconds.

Special note

If the windscreen wipers are operating or are in automatic mode, the rear screen wiper wipes intermittently when reverse gear is engaged.

Depending on the vehicle, you may be able to deactivate this function via the multimedia screen. Please see the equipment instructions for further information.

Before any action on the windscreen (washing the vehicle, de-icing, cleaning the windscreen, etc.), return the stalk 1 to the park position.

Risk of injury or damage.

Efficiency of a wiper blade

Check the condition of the wiper blades. How long they last depends on you:

- it must remain clean: clean the blade and the screen regularly with soapy water;

- do not use it when the screen is dry;

- free it from the screen when it has not been used for a long time.

In all cases, replace it as soon as it begins to lose efficiency: approximately once a year. Refer to the paragraph on “Wiper blades” in Section 5.

Precaution for using the wipers

- In freezing or snowy weather conditions, clear the screen before starting the wipers (risk of motor overheating);

- ensure that no objects are obstructing the travel of the blade.

Do not use the wiper arm to open or close the tailgate.