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- Partial opening: press the switch 1 on side \ until the desired amount of opening.

- Full opening: press the switch 1 on side \ for around 6 seconds.

- To close: press the switch 1 on side [ for around 6 seconds.

Precautions during use

- check that the sunroof is properly closed before leaving your vehicle;

- clean the seal every three months using products recommended by our Technical Department;

- Do not open the sunroof immediately after it has rained or immediately after washing the vehicle.

- vehicle with roof bars:

Generally, it is not advisable to operate the sunroof.

Before using the sunroof, check the objects and/or accessories (bike racks, roof boxes, etc.) attached to the roof bars: they should be properly arranged and secured and should not interfere with the operation of the sunroof.

Contact an authorised dealer for details of possible conversions.

Operating faults

If the roof will not close, please consult an authorised dealer.

Driver’s responsibility

Never leave your vehicle with the key in the ignition and leaving a child, an adult who is not self-sufficient or a pet inside, even for a short while.

The reason for this is that the child may endanger himself or others by starting the engine, activating equipment such as the window winders for example, or locking the doors.

If something gets caught, immediately reverse the direction of travel by pressing the switch 1 on side \.

Risk of serious injury.