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The presence and operation of the display and indicators DEPENDS ON THE LEVEL OF EQUIPMENT AND THE COUNTRY.

Charge level 1

The gauge indicates the level of energy remaining.

NB: Each time you switch off the ignition, the remaining energy level will be calculated.

Once you switch on the ignition again, you will see a slight change in the level display.

Reserve level

When the battery reaches approximately 12% charge, warning light comes on, along with a beep.

To optimise your range, please see the information on “Recommendations: saving energy” in Section 2.

Immobilisation threshold imminent

When the battery reaches less than 6% charge, a beep repeats every 20 seconds and warning light flashes on and off.

Motor performance gradually decreases until the vehicle comes to a stop.

Please see the information on “Towing: in the event of energy loss” in Section 5.

Charge meter 2

Please refer to the information on the “Charge meter” in Section 2.

Speedometer 3

In kilometres or miles per hour.

Display 4

Press and hold button 5 to reset the trip mileage recorder. The display must be set to “Trip mileage recorder”.

Zones 6 of the instrument panel display the information detailed below by pressing button 5 repeatedly:

- estimated range;

- total mileage recorder;

- trip mileage recorder;

- Eco score;

- clock (CS : Clock setting).

Forecast range display features

- Sporty driving will strongly affect the forecast range value. Once you return to a calmer driving style, you will need to drive for several miles to return to an estimate that is closer to the real situation;

- the forecast range displayed after charging the traction battery is calculated based on the power consumption over the last 93 miles (150 kilometres) travelled.

Instrument panel in miles

It is possible to switch to km/h.

Press button 5 and switch on the ignition.

The speed measurement unit indicator flashes for approximately three seconds, then the new unit flashes on the display and is then lit up continuously: release button 5.

To return to miles, proceed in the same manner.

Note: resetting is automatic when the maximum capacity of any of the memories is exceeded.