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This prevents the vehicle being driven by anyone not in possession of the vehicle’s coded ignition key.

The vehicle is automatically protected after the engine is switched off.

Operating principle

When the engine is started, warning light 1 remains lit for a few seconds, then goes out (refer to the information on “Starting, stopping the engine” in Section 2).

If the code is not recognised, the warning light flashes rapidly and the vehicle will not start.

Vehicle protection tell-tale light

After the ignition has been switched off, warning light 1 flashes and the vehicle is protected.

Operating fault warning light

If the warning light continues to flash or stays lit up permanently following an attempt to start the engine, this indicates a fault in the system.

In this case, use the second key (supplied with the vehicle). If the fault is still present, contact your authorised dealer, as only they are qualified to repair the engine immobiliser system.

Any unauthorised work carried out on the engine immobiliser (computers, wiring, etc.) could be dangerous. Work must be carried out by qualified personnel.

When the engine immobiliser system is activated, the handbrake cannot be released.