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Your vehicle has been designed with respect for the environment in mind for its entire service life: during production, use and at the end of its life.


Your vehicle has been manufactured at an industrial site which uses a progress policy to reduce environmental impacts on rivers and natural areas (reduction of water and energy consumption, visual and noise pollution, atmospheric emissions and waste water, sorting and reusing waste).

Please make your own contribution towards protecting the environment too.

- Worn parts replaced in the course of routine vehicle maintenance (vehicle battery, etc.) must be disposed of through specialist bodies.

- At the end of the vehicle’s service life, it should be sent to approved centres to ensure that it is recycled.

- In all cases, comply with local legislation.


Your vehicle is 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable.

To achieve these objectives, many of the vehicle components have been designed to enable them to be recycled. The materials and structures have been carefully designed to allow these components to be easily removed and reprocessed by specialist companies.

In order to preserve raw material resources, this vehicle incorporates numerous parts made from recycled plastics or renewable materials (vegetable or animal-derived materials such as cotton or wool).