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Display 1

The display 1 on the instrument panel indicates the selection control position 2.

Selection control 2

D: forward

N: neutral

R: reverse


- Switch on the ignition;

- start the engine;

- with your foot on the brake pedal, release the handbrake (refer to the information under “Handbrake” in Section 2). It will now be possible to drive off.

Only engage D or R when the vehicle is at a standstill, with your foot on the brake and the accelerator pedal released.

To protect the charging cord, always check that it is properly stored in its housing before setting off.


Press switch D, a beep will sound. During driving, press the accelerator pedal to reach the speed desired.

Hill start

When setting off on a slope, release the handbrake whilst pressing the brake pedal before pressing the accelerator pedal.

Steep hill start

When starting on steep hills:

- press the brake pedal with the left foot to release the handbrake;

- accelerate by pressing the accelerator pedal with the right foot while easing the left foot from brake pedal to prevent the vehicle from reversing.


Press the switch R.

The reversing light will come on as soon as reverse gear is selected (ignition on). A beep sounds.

The vehicle can only be started if the charging cord is unplugged from the vehicle and stored away.

Parking the vehicle

With the vehicle at a standstill, press switch N.

Warning light 3 comes on the instrument panel.

Engage the handbrake (please see the “Handbrake” information in Section 2).

Temporary stop

At a standstill and with the engine running, when position D or R is engaged, a beep will sound and warning light flashes until one of the following conditions is met:

- brake pedal pressed;

- accelerator pedal pressed;

- press switch N;

- the handbrake is secured.

NB: when the ignition is switched off, the gear control automatically switches to position N.

In the event of an impact to the underside of the vehicle (e.g.: striking a post, raised kerb or other street furniture), this may result in damage to the vehicle (e.g.: twisted axle), the electrical circuit or the traction battery.

Do not touch the circuit elements or any fluids or liquids.

To prevent any risk of accident, have your vehicle checked by an authorised dealer.

Risk of serious injury or electric shock.