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To release:

With the ignition on:

- support on the brake pedal and maintain it sunk ;

- press 2 ;

- gently pull lever 1 towards you, keeping the 2 button pressed down;

- push the lever down as far as it will go.

Special conditions

It is not possible to release the handbrake when the 12 volt battery is discharged.

You must recharge it (see “12V battery” in Section 4) before you can release the handbrake, or have the 12V battery replaced by an authorised dealer.

To apply:

Pull lever 1 upwards and make sure the vehicle is immobilised. Warning light 3 D will come on on the instrument panel.

Steep hill start

When starting on steep hills:

- press the brake pedal with the left foot to release the handbrake;

- accelerate by pressing the accelerator pedal with the right foot while easing the left foot from brake pedal to prevent the vehicle from reversing.

When stationary and depending on the slope and/or vehicle load, it may be necessary to pull up the handbrake at least two extra notches.

The handbrake is a vehicle safety measure. It cannot be released unless the ignition is switched on.

Make sure that the handbrake is properly released when driving (red indicator light off), otherwise overheating may occur.