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Operating principle

Ultrasonic detectors, installed in the rear bumper (depending on the vehicle), measure the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle whilst reversing.

This measurement is indicated by beeps which become more frequent the closer you come to the obstacle, until they become a continuous beep when the vehicle is approximately 30 centimetres from the obstacle.

NB: the display 1 shows the vehicle surroundings in conjunction with the beeps.


When reverse gear is selected, most objects which are less than approximately 1.20 metres from the rear of the vehicle are detected, a beep sounds and the display 1 lights up.

This function is an additional aid that indicates the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle whilst reversing, using sound signals.

Under no circumstances should it replace the driver’s care or responsibility whilst reversing.

The driver should always be ready for sudden incidents while driving: always ensure that there are no small, narrow moving obstacles (such as a child, animal, pushchair, bicycle, stone, post, etc.) in the blind spot when manoeuvring.

Adjusting the parking distance control volume

Certain settings can be adjusted from the multimedia display 2. Please see the equipment instructions for further information.

Select “Menu”, “Settings”, “Park Assist”, then adjust the parking distance control volume by pressing + or -.

Deactivating the system

You can deactivate the parking distance control from the multimedia display.

Select “Menu”, “Settings”, “Park Assist” then “Rear parking sensor”. Activate or deactivate the parking distance control and confirm your choice by selecting “Done”.

Operating faults

Depending on the vehicle, when the system detects an operating fault, the message “check parking distance control” appears on the instrument panel, accompanied by the warning light © and a beep lasting approximately 5 seconds. Please contact an authorised dealer.

Special features

Make sure that the ultrasonic sensors are not obscured (by dirt, mud, snow etc.).

In the event of an impact to the underside of the vehicle (e.g.: striking a post, raised kerb or other street furniture), this may result in damage to the vehicle (e.g.: twisted axle), the electrical circuit or the traction battery.

To avoid any risk of accident, have your vehicle checked by an approved dealer.

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