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FRONT HEADLIGHTS: replacing the bulbs

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Please note when working close to the engine that it may be hot. In addition, the engine cooling fan may start at any moment. The warning light in the engine compartment reminds you of this.

Risk of injury.

Any operation on (or modification to) the electrical system must be performed by an approved dealer since an incorrect connection might damage the electrical equipment (harness, components and in particular the alternator). In addition, your Dealer has all the parts required for fitting these units.

Before performing any action in the engine compartment, the ignition must be switched off (please see the information on “Starting, stopping the engine” in Section 2).

LED daytime running lights 1

Consult an approved dealer

Halogen daytime running lights

Turn the bulb holder A a quarter of a turn and remove.

Bulb type: W21W/5W.

Change the bulb and replace the bulb holder.

The bulbs are under pressure and can break when replaced.

Risk of injury.

Direction indicators

Turn bulb holder B a quarter of a turn and take out the bulb.

Bulb type: PY21W (orange bulb).

Main headlight and dipped beam headlight

Turn the cover C a quarter turn.

Disconnect the wiring 3.

Unclip spring 2 and remove the bulb.

Bulb type: H4.

Do not touch the bulb glass. Hold it by its base.

Replace the bulb, replace the connectors and check that the cover C is replaced correctly.

To comply with local legislation, or as a precaution, you can obtain an emergency kit containing a set of spare bulbs and fuses from an approved dealer.

Front fog lights 4

- Access the bulb holder via the underneath of the vehicle;

- unclip the flap;

- turn the bulb holder a quarter turn.

Bulb type: H16LL.

Type of bulb for vehicles fitted with cornering lights: H11LL.