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Depending on the vehicle, there may be two rear bench seats: bench seat 2 (2nd row of seats) and bench seat 1 (3rd row of seats).

Bench seat 2

Insert the buckles 3 into the housings 4 before moving the seatback(s).

To assist with access to the last row (bench seat 1), move control 5 downwards (movement A) to tilt the bench seat back 2.

Remember to lock the seat belt in place once more when a passenger is occupying the seat.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is not being driven.

Ensure that the bench seats are locked in place correctly when refitting them.

Check that the side seat belts are locked in their unit correctly.

Bench seat 1

This can be folded away and folded down.

To fold it down

- Pull seat back unlocking strap 6;

- fold down the seatback onto the seat base.

To fold down

(depending on the vehicle)

- Hold the bars 7 and bring them together simultaneously (movement B);

- tilt the seat unit forwards until it locks;

- press on the top of the seat (at C) and lock the seat in position by pushing the locking levers 8;

- ensure it is correctly locked in place.

When moving the rear bench seat, check that the bench seat anchorage points are clean (they should be free from grit, cloths or any other item which may prevent the bench seat from locking securely).

Removal/refitting of bench seat 1 and 2

(depending on the vehicle)

These are removed and refitted in the same way.

It is not permitted to swap bench seats 1 and 2


First, release the side seat belts by unlocking them from their unit.

- Underneath the bench seat, press on the latch 9, then pull it forwards (movements C and D);

- lift (movement E);

- move the bench seat towards the rear of the vehicle to release the anchorage points (movement F);

- lift the bench seat (movement G);

- move the bench seat towards the rear again (movement H) to release the front anchorage points;

- remove the bench seat from the front of the vehicle.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is not being driven.

Remove bench seat 2 before removing bench seat 1.


- position the bench seat over the front anchorage points;

- push the bench seat until it sits over the rear anchorage points;

- Lower latches 9 and push them until they lock in place;

- make sure the visual markers on latches 9 are properly aligned.

The rear bench seats must be placed on their original anchorage points.

Driving with the bench seat in a rear-facing position is prohibited.